My child, the blog.

Well folks, I have been a food blogger for almost 9 months, and yes, it feels like giving birth. When I created this new idea, there were times when I was nausous and completely unsure of what do to next. I felt unprepared and had to find mentors to guide me. But all the while, I kept pushing and writing about Italian food and travel, knowing it was the perfect thing to be doing.

Now here I am with a bouncing baby Italian food blog and still learning in, dare I say it, baby steps. Okay, enough with the birthing metaphors; you get it. Well maybe just one more…this has been a labor of love. I have made connections with other bloggers and foodies around the world. Last year, I found the home of my great-grandfather, and this fall I will return to southern Italy to investigate the birthplace of my great-grandmother and to study the cuisine of my ancestors.

The act of creating art through words and pictures is so compelling and fills my soul every day. Thank you for standing next to me and taking the time out of your precious schedule to follow along and read these words.

Now, I have another favor to ask of you. I have created a 2-minute survey with 6 short questions. I want to know more about you and what you want in an Italian food blog. If you have 2 minutes, I would greatly appreciate your time.

Here is the link to my  2-Minute Survey.

For those of you who already took the survey, grazie mille!

The good news – A cookbook contest!
By completing the survey, you are automatically entered to win Marcella Hazan’s Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking. The survey and contest ends on April 7.

Buon appetito and buon viaggio!

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