Cooking Classes

Fettuccine, orechetti, spaghetti, and don’t forget gnocchi. The list of pasta shapes is seemingly endless. Each pasta shape is designed to partner with the perfect sauce. Each region, town, village has its own signature pasta shape usually handed down through the generations.

There is nothing quite as satisfying as making and rolling a batch of fresh pasta. There are certainly many times dried pasta is absolutely the way to go, but the flavor and mouth feel (I love that expression!) of fresh pasta is beyond compare. Yes, it is more work and requires some special equipment, but if you are like me, and find cooking to be very meditative and creative, making fresh pasta will make you happy.

During my travels in Italy, I have learned some regional pasta shapes and their accompanying sauces. My cooking classes include pasta sauces and dishes made with seasonal ingredients from the local farmer’s market.

Please join me for these upcoming Pasta Making classes.
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