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Ciao Amici,

My name is Ellen, and I want to welcome you to An Italian Dish. Thank you for being part of this adventure. With a 30 year teaching career under my belt, I am putting my love and passion for writing, travel, and Italian cooking into this blog.

I am a California native with Italian heritage who has a desire to share authentic Italian recipes and travel adventures. I want to take you with me, so please subscribe here so you can receive my most recent posts and Italian recipes fresh off the plate. Did I mention that I want to eat Italian food?

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A bit more about me. I was raised in Northern California and spent a great deal of time with my Italian grandmother. I learned many cooking skills and the joy of time spent in the kitchen. When I was 15, she took me to Boston’s North End to meet my Italian relatives. It was then that my love of everything Italian was born.

I have raised two children and cooked a family meal just about every night. During that busy time, cooking was just a daily chore, but now that my kids are grown, Italian cooking is a passion and a creative outlet.

Some of the things I love about Italy: warm gnocchi, chocolate gelato, train rides through sunflower fields, bridges over rivers, grilled artichokes, outdoor markets, and eating an entire pizza for lunch. I even love my attempts at carrying on a conversation in Italian.

In Italy there is a reverence for sacred ingredients and pride in the preparation of each dish. I love the fact that names of cheeses are protected by law. I am interested in the use of local food and humane farming practices. I guess that is the California girl in me.

I long to share information, stories and recipes with you, my faithful readers, so together, we will become drenched in the slow, Italian life. Stay tuned!

p.s. I love feedback and recipe suggestions, so please feel free to leave a comment!